The car's Günter, the fridge and the dishwasher Simone and John. People tend not only to give their children names, but also objects that belong to their daily lives. No, it's not bizarre, to give things a name. This not only make people with household products or cars, even companies name their products. Sometimes enormous advantages are even connected.

Names that remain in the memory

Every person has a name. However, companies, products and services need names that you will remember and which evoke positive associations. Customers bring certain brands with certain characteristics in combination. Even if another company offers the same exact product or only slightly modified, customers mostly prefer the original. At Coca-Cola and Nutella that is at least the case.

So already with the name of the brand linked to the consumer properties. If the product has a name, it increases the emotional bond. A name, whether for a company or a product, stands for qualities and values of the customer with whom they identify themselves. A name of customer products or brands recognizes what creates orientation and safety. A name is the figurehead for businesses and it is also linked to the market value.

Products must make a positive impression with the name and remain in the customer‘s mind but, one should not overdo it with the naming. For a new product, it may still be useful to create a unique and particularly noteworthy name to the product's characteristics.


Distinguished from competitors

It is different with components of the product that are not influential. So not every component of a product has its own name: a charging cable is a charging cable and it is not so hot otherwise. Unless it is a very special charging cable with unique abilities, it is not any other charging cable.

Properties that characterize a product, should be emphasized in any event, such as the name of art in Piemont cherry. Such a designation remains in the customer‘s mind. If a product possesses characteristics that clearly distinguishes it from competitors is its own name, perhaps necessarily attached to even its own brand name. Thus, the properties that distinguish the product from competitors, makes it more marketable. If the range of products is great, as well, each product needs its own name, so that the customer can differentiate the products.

In e-bike range there are many different e-bike models with different properties and for different purposes. So it is useful to link properties of the product with the product name already. Riese & Müller has called its cargo bike Load - as the name suggests, what the customer expects. So the customer can memorize the products better. For the company, this means a higher recall value.

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