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How to come up with a creative brand name when you have no idea how this is done? With NameRobot's brand name generators, which were developed by naming experts, this task is no problem at all. We will show you what you need to consider when developing brand names, and how NameRobot's name generators can assist you in finding the right name.


Brand Name Generators - First Step to Creating a New Brand

Updated September 14, 2019

How do you find a suitable name for a new brand - what is important to bear in mind? Can a brand name generator help with the name search? We have summarized the most important points around brand names and how to get there.

Brand Names - the First Impression Counts

Brand names - the first impression countsThere are hundreds of thousands of brands on the market. They all have a name. And by its name, each product can be identified and distinguished from other products easily. However, a good brand name can do even more than that: It can evoke positive associations, gives an overall image of the brand and contributes to success or failure of the brand.

To stand out from the crowd, a brand name must meet certain criteria. Otherwise your brand can easily be lost between its competitors. The first impression counts! This general rule of thumb definitely applies to brand names.

Criteria for Good Names

Probably no one can say whether the perfect brand name really exists. However, certain criteria should certainly be met by a good brand name in order to guarantee success.

A good brand name should fit its target group, and ideally evoke positive associations. It should be catchy, concise and distinctive. Ideally, it fits the product or range of products and serves to promote sales. Last but not least, a brand name needs to be legally safe of course.

With these criteria in mind, you can begin developing a brand name. Our brand name generators help you to achieve this goal quickly.

Preparation: Positioning and Target Group

Before you actually start developing your name you should think about the features of your product or your brand, and your target audience's characteristics. Write down the most important features that you want communicate.

If you like, you can already enter these keywords into your Word Depot in the NameRobot Toolbox. Thus, you have already collected your first keywords which you can use later on with the brand name generators.


Brand Name Generators for Name Development

WordshopNameRobot's Wordshop offers plenty of name idea generators and tools which help you gather more inspiration. Through Brainstorming, the Synonyms Tool and other techniques, you generate keywords which you can use for developing your brand name later on.

Name FactoryThe Name Factory is the heart of NameRobot's Toolbox. Here you can combine the keywords you collected and turn them into real names. For the development of brand names we particularly recommend Creative Complements, Blend Words and Automatic Word Modifications.

The creative word complement tools add original and beautiful suffixes to a word and create names such as Pixelio or Fotolia. We recommend using the setting "fantasy endings" in category for brand name ideas at the first step. In the second step you can also test English endings or try it with prefixes (word additions at the beginning of your keyword).

"Blend Words" combines two keywords and merges them into a new word, generating brand names such as Lexus ("lex" + "Luxus" (German for "luxury") or Groupon ("group " + "coupon"). A name thus created is also called portmanteau or portmanteau word. We recommend to start using the Portemanteau Finder which blends words with two identical letters. Depending on the language of the keywords, the Syllable Mixer or "Letter-Muncher" (to be found in the settings of the tool Versatile Word Fusions) is also suitable. You will quickly notice which "Blend Words" tool best suits your project.

If you would like to have interesting names generated simply by clicking, then try the Word Transformation. This tool takes your word and shakes it vigorously until completely new words are created. Can be addictive!

Selection of Name Ideas

After having used the tools from the Name Factory, you should have accumulated some ideas for your brand name. You can now further test these brand name ideas. Criteria for selection of your favourite name ideas are, as mentioned above, a proper address of the target audience, uniqueness, conciseness and positive associations.

Select a handful of good ideas and mark them with a heart, which will immediately put them on your favorites list.

Testing Brand Name Ideas

Control CenterNow you enter the Control Center to finally test your favourite brand name ideas.

NameRobot's checking tools allow you to check the "hard skills" of your names: Find out if your name ideas have already been registered as a trademark, if free domains are still available, and how common your potential brand name already is with search engines, social networks and app stores.

Do not forget to check the "soft skills" of your brand name ideas, too: Are positive associations being evoked in the target group? Is the name easy to pronounce? Does the brand name also work in other countries or cultures? There is a further tool that searches for swear words and other words in names.

Choosing the Right Brand Name

After having completed these steps, you should now have a handful of very good suggestions for brand names at hand. Now you've got to choose: Which name is the best one? Take your time, think about it for a while, get some feedback from others or conduct a survey if needed.

All this helps you nominate the best name idea and finally choose the right brand name.

Don't forget to register your name as a trademark in order to protect it. The easiest way to trademark protection is to take a look at our trademark attorney partners.

More Tips to Develop Brand Names

Still uncertain how to create a brand name? Then we have a few tips for you:

When you develop a brand name, you should fully be engaged in the naming process. But do not stress yourself too much! Your subconscious mind will deal with the questions at hand while you are doing other things. Let your thoughts rest for a few days when you are stuck. When you start thinking again, you will notice that you will be twice as creative.

Take your time with the naming process

To get into the name-finding mood, try to become more aware of brand and product names in everyday life and analyze them. You will gradually be getting better at identifying the methods used to develop brand names, and maybe you will even get some inspiration from that.

Take a look at existing brand names

Also, don't be afraid to just unleash your imagination and develop countless ideas for brand names. Sure, not all will be great names. But that doesn't matter because inappropriate names can still become really interesting with some optimization later. And of course, you can always sort out bad ideas later on. Generate plenty of brand name ideas, and pick the very best at the end.

Now start for free with NameRobot Toolbox to search for your brand name.

Looking for creative name ideas?

With your NameRobot company name generator you can find the desired name for your business.

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