What you need to know about brand names

NameRobot is primarily about the creation of names. But finding a name is not enough on its own. As an entrepreneur, you have to think further: you'll want to establish a solid brand name, and often you'll want to protect it as a trademark. On our website, we've compiled a wealth of information about brand names and trademarks. Here's an overview of our articles on brand names.


What should I know about brands?

What should I know about brands?Brands are an integral part of our everyday lives. As both consumers and entrepreneurs: we trust in strong brands. Brands facilitate orientation in the market and provide security in a consumerist world. In our article on the phenomenon of brands, we give an overview of the most important facts about their names. We consider questions such as:

  • What is a brand or a trademark?
  • What types of trademarks are there?
  • What is a good brand name?
  • How do I protect a brand name?
  • What makes a successful brand?

Strong brands arouse feelings

Whoever deals with the topic of brand names cannot avoid the topic of emotions. Emotions are an important, if not the most important factor for the success of brands. Brands should arouse emotions - preferably positive feelings or those that fit the brand. But how do you do that, evoke feelings with just a few letters? And how do you prevent the wrong or negative feelings at the end? In the article Brands and Emotions – Do brand names have to generate emotions we look at the following topics:

  • Where does the term emotion come from?
  • How do you arouse emotions with letters?
  • Does every brand need emotions?
  • Conveying positive values - but how?
  • Brands tell stories

When brand names polarize

The name is usually the first thing the customer comes into contact with. A brand name should therefore be as unique as possible and attract attention. However, many companies are split in two at this point: standing out, but perhaps not too much? And what if you do attract attention, but in the wrong direction? In the article Positive or negative: A polarizing brand name you will find some thoughts about whether it is good or bad if the brand name polarizes:

  • Safety vs. attention
  • Attract attention at all costs?
  • Provocative name as a targeted marketing strategy
  • What to do if the name attracts negative attention?

Our brand name generators

Our brand name generatorsYou know that you need to develop a brand name - but you may have no idea how this is done. With our brand name generators, which have been developed by naming experts, this task is no problem at all. In our article on brand name generators, we consider topics such as:

  • Criteria for good brand names
  • Brand name generators for brainstorming and name development
  • Tools for testing names
  • More tips for brand development

Trademark law FAQ

The trademark law FAQIn our FAQs on trademark law, we've compiled the most frequently asked questions about naming companies, products, and projects. Here we answer questions such as:

  • What are word marks and combined marks?
  • What are the EU and IR trademarks?
  • Where and how can I carry out a trademark search?
  • Can you protect any name as a trademark?
  • When are trademarks in danger of being confused?
  • Are domains also trademark protected?
  • What do trademark symbols like ®, ™, and © mean?
  • What are the steps involved in registering a trademark?


How do I register a trademark?

To secure a brand as a trademark, we recommend a specialized attorney from our partner site.


Have we forgotten an important about brand names? Let us know in the comments.

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