Funny Wifi Names and Puns

Let's take a look at the funniest, weirdest and most hilarious wifi names we could find on the web! You wouldn't believe how creative people are when naming their wifis: Puns and humorous names, messages for the wifi owner and people who try to log in from outside, references to pop culture and outright insolent passive-aggressive notes. We collected the best names that people came up with.


Wifi Name Puns

Top class for wifi names are puns which include the terms LAN or wifi.


wutangLANPuny wifi names with "LAN" include:

  • The LAN before time
  • The Promised LAN
  • LAN of Milk and Honey
  • prettyflywutangLAN


Puny wifi names with "wifi" include:

  • Pretty Fly for a wifi
  • WIFIght the inevitable?

Funny Wifi Names

There are lots of wifi names out there which are just plain funny.


People use their wifis to send messages out to everyone out there. Especially useful if you live in a central area!

  • Bring Beer and Women to 40.2
  • Clean the fucking dishes, John!
  • ItHurtsWhenIP

Wifi conversations

talkingwifisNeighbors often don't get along very well. Some people extend their quarrels to their lans and communicate passively via their wifi names.

  • Quit stealing my paper --> FYI, I don't read it, I just throw it away
  • WeCanHearYouHavingSex --> SorryAboutAllTheLoudSex

Wifi characterizations

Some wifi names try to characterize the wifi, whether it anthropomorphizes the wifi or simply describes its "qualities"...

  • Help I'm trapped in a router
  • Slow and shitty
  • Loading...


It's a trap! When people seemingly give away their password in the wifi name, they most likely just want to troll you.

  • IfYouGuessMyPasswordIHaveToRenameMyDog
  • thepasswordisbacon.
  • Password is Password

Relatives and Neighbors

When the tech-savvy kid sets up the wifi for his or her parents or neighbors, funny wifi names will most certainly be assigned.

momusethisoneFinally online!

It's not always easy to connect your parents to the internet. And when they are online, expect weekly calls from them because they "de-installed Google", or something similar...

  • Mom, click here for internet
  • Mom use this one
  • HolyFuckWereOnline

Relational wifi names

When you set up a wifi, make your relation to the wifi owner clear. Bonus points if it's not actually the mentioned person's wifi, but your own!

  • Dad's wifi
  • Dad's friends' wifi
  • The neighbor's wifi

Passive-aggressive Wifi Names

Try to shake off the anonymity of the internet by making some friends in your neighborhood! How about some passive-aggressive wifi names as inspiration?

Go away!

youre-yourIt's that simple. Hint: If you want to stop people from using your wifi, you should probably secure it with a password (and don't give it away in the name!).

  • Get off my WLAN
  • This aint 4 u
  • Get your own wi-fi
  • Get your Own Net Bro
  • Don't snoop

Virus alert

Wanna scare off potential wannabe-hackers? Try one of those virus alert names. Beware, your cockiness might attract attention of some real hackers, though.

  • Free viruses here
  • WindowsBackdoorTrojanInstaller32.exe
  • Virus_Detected
  • Virus_Test_Zone_4

Trolling wifis

Simple but effective wifi names to scare dubious people out of your neighborhood...

  • FBI Surveillance Van #334
  • DEA Surveillance Van #24
  • Counter-Intelligence Unit #1120

Pop Culture Wifi Names

We all love our TV series, novels and favourite songs. So why not name your wifis after what's most important to you? And if you manage to slip a pun into the name, then all the better!

winternetGeorge R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire"

Mr. Martin's books are full of sayings, catchphrases and house mottos. Grab one and make it your wifi name!

  • A LANnister Always Pays His Debts
  • twist: A LANnister Always Surfs The Net
  • Winternet is Coming

Other pop culture wifi names

doctorwho-wifiTV series themes and song titles also make good wifi names, if you put a bit of thought into them.

  • Burn the LAN and boil the C, you wont take wifi from me (from the Firefly theme)
  • Ebony and Ivory (for black and white roommates, after the Stevie Wonder / Paul McCartney song)
  • Bill Wi, the Science Fi. (from the Bill Nye theme)
  • ┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐ (Doctor Who)


We hope you found some inspiration for your wifi name here and won't stick to "Netgear", "linksys" & Co. anymore ;-)


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