Bands which should tour together because of their names

Today we present a list of bands which should definitely tour together because of their names... So how about a tour of Poison, Placebo and The Cure? Phish & Styx? Jack Black and Jack White (sponsored by Jack Daniels)? Or maybe even Jack Johnson and Jon Jackson...? ;)

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A bit less serious today:

  • Poison, Placebo and The Cure
  • Phish & Styx
  • Jack Black and Jack White (sponsored by Jack Daniels)
  • Jack Johnson and Jon Jackson
  • Pavement, The Cars, The Seatbelts and The Crash Test Dummies
  • Why? and Yes
  • Explosions in the Sky, Jefferson Airplane and Led Zeppelin
  • Queen, Prince and Kings of Leon
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Flaming Lips?
  • Hole and A Perfect Circle

  • The Rancid Leftover Meatloaf Tour: Rancid, The Leftovers and Meat Loaf
  • Tom Waits, While She Sleeps
  • Kansas, Boston and Chicago
  • The World Tour: Europe, Asia and America
  • The Piano tour: The Black Keys and The White Stripes
  • The Beatles and The Crickets, followed by The Byrds.
  • Fine Young Cannibals and The Missing Persons
  • Phish, Reel Big Fish and Fishbone. Followed by Grizzly Bear.
  • Gorillaz, The Monkees and Fight Like Apes
  • The The, Talk Talk, Attack Attack, Duran Duran and Mr. Mister
  • The Mamas and The Papas and The Offspring
  • 50 Cent, Nickelback and Pennywise
  • One Direction, 2-Pac, Third Eye Blind, Fourth of July, The Fifth Dimension, Six By Seven, Altern-8, Nine Inch Nails, Ten Foot Pole, Finger Eleven, D-12, Thirteenth Floor Elevators and Carbon 14
  • Blue October, The Early November, The Decemberists
  • Black Keys, Black Crowes, Black Sabbath, Black Star, Black Mountain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Black Lips, Black Angels, Blackstreet, Blackfoot, and the Average White Band.
  • Black Crowes, Counting Crows and A Murder of Crows
  • System of a Down and Stockholm Syndrome. Down Syndrome Tour.
  • The Killers and The Police
  • Strapping Young Lad and Barenaked Ladies.
  • The Animals Tour featuring: Animals as Leaders, The Sounds of Animals fighting, Animal Collective, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, and The Animals.
  • Black Flag, Pink Flag, Anti-Flag.
  • Black Sabbath, Christian Death and Purgatory.
  • The The, The Who, and The Band.
  • Moby and the Dicks.
  • Garbage and the Trashmen.
  • Coldplay and Hot Hot Heat.
  • Television, Radiohead, Tapes n' Tapes and Shout.
  • Guns 'n Roses 'N-Sync
  • Pulled Apart by Horses, Hold Your Horse Is, Band of Horses and Horse the Band.
  • 30 Seconds to Mars, Bruno Mars and Mars Volta
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers, Agent Orange, Yellowcard, Green Day, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple, White Zombie, Black Flag, Indigo Girls, Pink Floyd
  • Nirvana, Heaven and Hell and Bad Religion
  • Snow, Vanilla Ice, Ice-T, and Ice Cube
  • Buckcherry and Chuck Berry
  • Cake and Cream


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