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New tool: SocialVote - put your name ideas to vote!

Put your name ideas to vote! Share your names via Facebook, Twitter, or email and get ratings from friends, colleagues, or other Internet users. You will then receive statistics telling you how well your name ideas performed.
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NameRobot Advent Calendar

Christmas is around the corner. The countdown to the festivities begins. Enjoy our promotional voucher during this period by entering the code NRadvent2013.
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New help for language allocation in tools

The help section in the tools has been extended and now contains as extensive FAQ section on language allocation for words in NameRobot. In the FAQ we answer questions such as: What do the flags next to the words in the Word Depot and in the tools mean? What does the gray flag next to the words in the tools mean? Why does my word automatically get flagged as English/German/undefined? How is a word's language assigned in the Word Depot? How is a word's language assigned in the tools? Can I change the language of a word manually? Where can I change my project language? Where can I change the interface language?
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NameRobot's new design

Dear NameRobot users, dear Name Searchers and Finders, The big update is complete, and, from now on, you will be using NameRobot in a new design. A lot has changed, both on stage and behind the scenes. This is the first thing you will notice: the new NameRobot website looks more modern and fresh than before. Our content section has undergone a complete graphical relaunch. We also improved our content and some technical stuff.
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A thank you to all NameRobot premium users

As a thank you for the downtime during the update, all current NameRobot users with active memberships will get a bonus of three additional days of NameRobot access!
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NameRobot will be offline for a few hours on 25/10/2013

Dear NameRobot users, NameRobot is preparing for a major update in the coming days. This means that, NameRobot will go offline for a few hours on 25/10/2013 at 6 AM CEST. During this time, we will upload the new version and get it running. This process may take up to 24 hours as we want to ensure that everything works smoothly after the update. Once we are back online, we will inform you immediately via a news post and our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
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New Trademark Check for your name research

We completely revised the Trademark Check and equipped it with lots of new features, providing an even better tool for your trademark research. Our newest highlight: Swiss trademarks, EU trademarks and US trademarks. We completely rebuilt the internal mechanism of the Trademark Check. But don't worry, the functionality is still the same (or even better): the Trademark Check enables you to check national, EU and international trademarks with just one click.
Namerobot Bugfixing

NameRobot update for May

With NameRobot's latest update, we eliminated some minor bugs and added a few nice new features. But best of all: We're providing you with two new tools - the Search Engine Check and the App Check!