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How did NameRobot develop and which innovations are in the pipeline concerning name-generators? There are exciting things in store on our journey to becoming the strongest name-machine in the world!
Christmas Happy New Year

We wish all our users and all name finders in the world a happy, healthy, successful and creative New Year.
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Secure unlimited access to NameRobot Cyber Monday month now! A great pre-Christmas bargain for all those who often search for names, seek linguistic inspiration or who would like to check ideas for names.
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You can now go to the new NameRobot NameShop to order your name "for real". There are elegant wooden and delicious chocolate letters available. Offer your partners a culinary pleasure together with a little advertising or personalize your office in an original manner.
My names

Everyone who has tried to find a name knows how the process works: ideas pile up, maybe one or two favorites stand out from the rest, but you (still) can’t quite decide which name you should choose. Now there is the new decision support 'NameDuel'.

A long-awaited tool is now complete. It allows you to check whether a name hides other terms that have slipped under the radar. This is particularly interesting in terms of being able to identify possible swear words in different languages​​...
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Three tools in one: The Name Factory has been updated with three new name generators. The best part: They work fully automatically without any user input. Just click on "Find" button and receive a wide variety of name ideas - from classic descriptive to exotic fantasy names.
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Find out which words in the English language contain your keywords relevant to your naming project and be inspired by surprising results with our new Patchword tool. It is helpful for those who are looking for puns or just need some clever inspiration. You will get particularly good results with short input words.