Demon Domain – or how to find an appropriate TLD

For every person looking for names as well as for professional name developers alike, the search for an available domain can increasingly be likened to a demon lurking at the end of the creative brainstorming process, waiting to destroy the best ideas and the nicest names with one strike, or click. Domain taken = idea buried. In today's ever-thickening domain jungle, how can you find the appropriate name for your own project?

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Name or Domain: Which one is more important?

The necessity of finding a domain that is both common and still available does not make the search for a really good one any easier. The especially irritating thing about the process is that the majority of the in-demand country or .com domains are just "parked." They are not actively being used.

Almost everyone looking for a name wants one that is as short and innovative as possible, while at the same time sounding good and being highly noticeable, and that will work well internationally both now and in the future. You should recognize as soon as possible what the product or company is about, and of course the name should be unique, too. It is not easy to address all those concerns with one name. (If you need help, the NameRobot Toolbox offers all the tools you need to find name-spiration).

Free .com Domain? That costs more

And then there is the requirement that ".com-domain must remain free," which quickly turns the whole process into a search for the “do-it-all-name”. Plainly and simply, there is no such thing.

Name experts meanwhile charge premiums to look for free or low-cost .com-domains because in today's world, this is becoming increasingly difficult and torpedoes the creative brainstorming process. This often results in names that are fairly decent and pronounceable but are far from what the user wants.

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Alternative .io

That is precisely why TLDs, like .io for example, are enjoying a rise in popularity. And that is despite the fact that this domain is associated with a small island group in the Indian Ocean where only members of the British military live. In the 1970s, these military members expelled the natives who lived there before them. So, from a political perspective the issue is not entirely safe, and because of its popularity the .io is still expensive. Tech companies in particular are falling back on this alternative because it is an abbreviation for Input/Output.

In the last year alone, the number of .io registrations from outside of the island group has doubled. This shows the tricky situation someone can get into when they are in a desperate search for an alternative to parked .com domains that are never used.

What can you do?

Professional name makers will always advise you not to submit to the domain demon in favor of giving preference to the better name over the free domain instead, as the latter is only one of the many aspects and tasks that contribute to the overall effect of a good name.

Why not consider using an .us., .eu or .asia domain (when you are targeting the US or EU market) or a regional variant such as .sydney, .nyc or .berlin or one that is related to your topic – such as .tech, .media, .care, or .cloud? (Under "Domain Check" in the NameRobot Toolbox, you will find all the TLDs currently available). You can even integrate these topic-related domains into the name itself (, and open up completely new possibilities for your desired name. Even if there (still) exists in the business world a measure of bondage to .com and .de addresses, creative name generation is good to do anyway.

The bottom line: Anyone looking for the shortest, most innovative, most easily pronounceable, and most extraordinary name possible should also consider approaching the domain question in new ways. And doesn't a new and clever domain name or ending quickly show off a company's new and innovative approach?


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