The story behind the name

Identity and company names: There’s usually a story behind the name search. Stories make a company name more vivid and give it substance. They’re also valuable to businesses if they write down the story of their company and share it with customers.


Storytelling has a long tradition. Not only did people love stories back when they gathered around log fires, but also today people still love to hear them. Exciting, funny, inspiring stories. But stories are not only made for private life. They’re also valuable to businesses if they write down the story of their company and share it with customers. Stories make a company name more vivid and give it substance.

Stories make companies seem more authentic

Stories inspire and convey a message. Sometimes they take the reader on an imaginary trip, inspire dreams, and play a role in people changing their own lives. Stories can serve as examples, as it were, if people find parallels to their own lives. The origin of a company name is also always connected with a story.

What’s the meaning of the name? What made someone choose this or that company name? Customers can be curious, and they might want some insight to learn something about what goes on behind the scenes. What connects the company’s founder to the company name? Private insights calm customers‘ curiosity and allows a company to transparently communicate its own story.

If a company’s story is told honestly and authentically, the company seems more human, and therefore more tangible, to customers. At the outset, the founding of a company is most often connected with a story. In company stories the people have to be real: people with flesh and blood who have dreams, overcome obstacles, prevail against adversity. People who make mistakes and pick themselves up again.


Attention for the company name

It’s very advantageous for a business if it writes its own company story and communicates actively. In this way, the founder of the business can actively create his or her own myth and talk about the reasons why the company exists. A story gains attention for the business name. The business owner can convey details and emphasize specific parts.

Of course the business name, the unique feature for which a business stands, can be presented in a clean list of facts, and it can also be told in the form of an interesting story. Telling a company’s story is about more than just advertising. It’s about conveying a vision for which a company stands. A company’s purpose and the goals it’s trying to meet.

Customers also link a company name to its substance. Stories told from the first-person perspective seem livelier for readers and, in the end, they help readers and potential customers to empathize with the founder, which adds a crucial extra value: Credibility.

A story in which people reveal something of themselves makes a business authentic. A company story has not only an outward effect, but also inward one and creates identity among the employees who identify with the company. In these ways a company’s story, name, and identity are inextricably interwoven.

Which company stories do you find inspiring?

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