The choice of a company name is a very important marketing decision because it is the company’s foundation. A catchy name not only saves a company money in the long run, but it also draws attention and new customers to the company. It is generally advisable to choose a business name that is simple and easy to remember. However, in some exceptional cases, even strange and unusual names can work. On what does it depend, and what should be avoided?

Problems with the name search: "Uh...what was the name of your company again?"

If friends or initial customers keep asking what the name of your newly founded company is, there is your first clue that the name did not really make the desired impression. If it is not too late and the name is not already taken on all the social networks or registered as a brand, then you should reconsider your business name and, if necessary, change it.

If a name is too long, not catchy enough, or has a too unusual sound, it can be hard to remember. Unusual letter combinations that readers do not know how to pronounce can scare them away. This will often cause them not to even bother trying to pronounce the name. Instead they will find a way to get around it: “This company . . . you know the one I’m talking about.”

It is a considerable disadvantage to a company if customers cannot remember its name. You will forfeit a large portion of your recall value. Business names composed entirely of abbreviations can also make things difficult for companies.

Abbreviations do not tell customers what a company does for them, in other words, how the company will be beneficial to them. Companies must first explain this to their customers, which costs money because expensive advertising campaigns are necessary to increase name recognition. For companies that are still just starting out, this is extremely important.


Unique with the aha effect

In some cases, even unusual and funny names can work, too. Especially if they are unconventional, rebellious, and maybe a little strange. Particularly if they elicit a positive feeling in the customer. A long and unusual name can also appeal to some customers. This is especially true if the business name conveys characteristics of the company and the product at the same time.

With an unusual name there is much less danger of confusing it with already existing names or brands. That can be a big advantage because a more unusual name might come more easily to customers. A medication with an unusual name such as Umckaloabo® is a good example of this. As soon as the customer is convinced of the product’s effectiveness, even a name that at first glance seemed “strange” can work.

In this case, the use and effect of the medication are obviously the primary concerns. An effective and convincing product will continue to be recommended, thereby increasing a brand’s name recognition. Unusual names pique curiosity and interest when they are connected with an “aha effect” and when they give customers a positive image of the companies with which they are associated.

Which strange, yet appealing names can you think of?

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