Anagrams in Business Names

Whether intended or not, the letters of many well known business names can be rearranged so that new meanings emerge. Boeing can be reordered to make Big One, Pringles Chips becomes Crisp Helpings, DreamWorks is Mad Workers, and Toyota's Camry changes to My Car.


anim-NameRobot_neat-broom-t2u1Finding these so called anagrams, which actually make sense, can only be done by humans not computers. Sure, you can have a program that finds all possible combinations, but it always requires a human mind to make the selection. A matching ratio of vowels to consonants is also important - 2:3 is considered the optimum for languages such as English.

Anagrams occur rarely as a basis for a business names because they are hard to spot. You have to take a closer look to see them! It can be a clever approach to finding claims to existing names though.

There are several supporting tools available for creating anagrams, for example the Anagrams tool from NameRobot's Wordshop, or specialized anagram generation tools like Anagram Genius or Anagram Artist.

We researched the best anagrams for names of companies and brands online, so let's take a look at the secret messages hidden in IT, automotive and financial business names!

Computer & Internet Anagramms

Anagrams with Microsoft

  • The Microsoft Windows Update Consumer Site = A definite wish to down customers' computersanim-Microsoft_is-comfort-4wyb
  • Microsoft Windows XP = I'm down? Fix worst PC OS.
  • Microsoft Windows XP = Worm downs PC, so fix it!
  • Windows Me = New wisdom
  • Microsoft Word = I comfort words
  • Microsoft = Is Comfort

Anagrams of hardware manufactuers

  • The Intel processor = This electron poser
  • Pentium = Put me in
  • Hewlett-Packard Co. = PC alert! Two hacked!
  • Toshiba Consumer Products Ltd = It's cool to thump sad CD-burners
  • Ericsson Mobile Phones = Sonic noise problems, eh?
  • The Sanyo Corporation = Sony operator to China?
  • Compaq, Inc. = PC: "Mac? No IQ!"

More computer anagrams

  • Clone Computer Corp = Cool PC procurement
  • PC Guardian = Panic Guard
  • Wired = Weird 

Car & Vehicle Anagrams

Anagrams of car brands

  • Peugeot Cars = Great coupes!anim-Camry_my-car-fb5R
  • Camry = My car
  • Toyota Prius = Story: Utopia!
  • Toyota Landcruiser = O, dusty oriental car
  • Land Rover Discovery = Cosy, overland driver
  • DaimlerChrysler Corporation = A poor-man's Roller - rich decry it
  • DaimlerChrysler Corporation = Merc option: really horrid cars!

Anagrams of vehicle brands

  • General Motors Corporation = Large car on store-promotion
  • General Motors = Enlarges Motor
  • The Michelin Tyre Company = Myth: technician employer
  • Goodyear Tires = Yo! I greet roads
  • Caterpillar Incorporated = O, principal tractor dealer!
  • Caterpillar Incorporated = Concept: I'll repair road-tar
  • Avis Car Rental = Rain? Valet cars!

Bank & Finance Anagrams

Anagrams of bank names

  • Bank of America = Mafia-backer, no?
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland = Aye! Loch bonds, tartan folk!

Anagrams of associations

  • Golder Associates = It's a deal, Scrooges!
  • The World Trade Organisation = Nations' reward: hard-to-get oilanim-Golder-associate_Its-a-deal-Scrooge-njyO
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers = Corporate showpiece? Sure!
  • Morgan Stanley = Analyst-monger


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Anagrams for restaurants, newspapers and transport companies

We researched the best anagrams for restaurants, newspapers and transport companies online, so let's take a look at the secret messages hidden in those names!

Food, drink & restaurant anagrams

Anagrams for restaurants

  • Taco Bell Restaurants = Crab 'n' all, stout eaters!anim-White-Castle_Stale-Chew-it-l1I6
  • White Castle = Stale? Chew it
  • Happy Meals in McDonalds = Means a damn sloppy child
  • The McDonald's Corporation = Motto: Ronald's rancid epoch
  • McDonald's Restaurants = Uncle Sam's standard rot
  • Wendy's International Inc. = Dinner-wait annoys client
  • Weight Watchers International, Inc. = New in? Ecstatic, now lighter-than-air!

Anagrams for food & drinks

  • Newcastle Brown Ale = Locals want new beer
  • Pringles chips = Crisp helpings
  • Pringles Potato Chips = Pig on hotplate crisps
  • Tupperware Corporation = Rice, prune or potato wrap
  • Lipton tea = Teapot nil

News & language anagrams

Anagrams for newspapers

  • New York Times = Monkeys Writeanim-New-York-Times_Monkeys-write-ZSTq
  • The Washington Post = Ah, tonight's top news!
  • Los Angeles Times = Slogan's meet lies!'
  • The Financial Times = "A fine scam hit Intel!"

Anagrams for more publications

  • Reader's Digest = Registered ads
  • Cosmopolitan = O, cool man tips!
  • The Oxford English Dictionary = Ah friend, try this good lexicon!

Train & transport anagrams

Anagrams for transport providers

  • Overnite Express = Expensive sorteranim-Greyhound_young-herd-Ql9I
  • Daystar Transportation = Roads transit to any part
  • Greyhound = Young herd
  • The United States Postal Service = Despatch a sensitive letter to US

Anagrams for train companies

  • First Great Eastern = Er, get faster trains!
  • First Great Eastern = Greet safer transit
  • Great North Eastern Railway Limited = Late? Norm: irritating weather delays
  • South West Trains = It's hot - Sweat runs!
  • Indian Railways = I yaw in sari-land

Anagrams in the entertainment, airlines and hotels industrie

We researched the best anagrams in the entertainment, airlines and hotels industries online, so let's take a look at the secret messages hidden in those names!

TV & entertainment anagrams

Anagrams for TV

  • Paramount Television = Rasputin movie, on late
  • Paramount Television = Praise unemotional TV
  • The Walt Disney Co. = The low syndicate
  • The Walt Disney Co. = Ay, the clown's diet!
  • Walt Disney = Wants yield

Anagrams for entertainment

  • Dreamworks = Mad workers
  • Time Warner = Mean Writer
  • Nickelodeon = Indolence OK Nickelodeon = Indolence OK
  • Sega Dreamcast = Sacred at games

Airline & airport anagrams

Anagrams for airlines

  • American Airlines = Real cinemas in air!
  • Northwest Airlines Incorporated = Tower directs airplane: 'Is north, no?'
  • Continental Airlines Incorporated = Concerned international air pilots // I connect to Poland (Train's in earlier!) // A trainee controller is in - Don't panic!
  • Delta Airlines = I land earliest!"The World's Favourite Airline" = It is another awful ride, lover! (British Airways' tag line)
  • Balkan Bulgarian Airlines = Real bargain - Slain in Kabul!
  • Singapore Airlines = Pioneer Asian girls
  • Lufthansa = Fatal huns

Anagrams for aircraft companies and airports

  • London Heathrow Airport = Hop to Iran, another world!
  • Lockheed Martin Corp = Mock darn helicopter
  • Boeing Aircraft Corporation = Cargo airborne, action profit!
  • The Boeing Company = Not cheap, big money!
  • Boeing = Big One
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Hotel anagrams

  • The Hilton = Hint: Hotel
  • President Hotel = Top shelter! Dine!
  • President Hotel = Posh, elite trend
  • Regent International Hotels = Nights are lonelier to tenant
  • Novotel Hotels = Hot love-lets, no?
  • The Mondrian Hotel = The Hilton, and more!
  • Destination Hotels = Deal, it is not honest
  • Four Seasons = Snores of USA
  • = Least cosy home

Secret message anagrams

  • Costco Wholesale Corp = The colossal co-op crew
  • Target Stores = Greatest sort
  • Safeway Supermarkets = We pay US steak-farmers!
  • Lidl Supermarkets = Milk, strudel, pears!
  • Tesco Supermarkets = Rose; steak; crumpets!
  • Dealtime = Idle team
  • Old Spice deodorants = Decades old portions
  • American Dryer = Merry air-dance
  • Simple Shoes = Ship me soles
  • Siemens = Nemesis 
  • Genex Pharmaceutical, Inc. = Exclaim: "Cheap curing? Neat!"
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals = Marvelous piranha tactics
  • Automatic Door Enterprises = Corporate in/out is mastered
  • "Say it with flowers" (Interflora slogan) = List wife as worthy? // = Swiftly, with a rose
  • = A cosmic recipe, man!
  • Vegetable Garden = Vegan table greed

These and other business anagrams can be found here. You can find your own anagrams with our free anagram generator.

By the way: NameRobot - Make a name for yourself is an anagram for Lean robot makes name for your fame. :-)

Have you discovered more anagrams in brand names? Please let us know in the comments :-)

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