Word Report - an overview of every name idea

The word report shows you at a glance all information regarding a name, e.g. through which tool this name was generated. In addition, you will see how the name has been rated in the different checks and whether it appears appropriate.

What does the the Word Report show?

After double-clicking on a name, the Word Report will open and show the following information about each idea:

  • Word facts: such as the language of the name, name length, and which tool you used to come up with the name.
  • Notes: Here, you can add your own notes to a name. Jot down your thoughts on the name, e.g. which variants have come to mind or what others are saying about the name.
  • Checks: This section lists the check tools of the Control Center. You can retrieve all check results that are already available via the plus sign. The result of each check will be rated by NameRobot with a smiley. If you have not yet tackled a check – which is indicated by a question mark – you can do this via the arrow button. You will be redirected to the check.
  • Evaluations: You will see in what tools you have already rated the word. By clicking on the arrow, you can directly perform evaluations not yet done. The following assessment tools are available in NameRobot and will be listed in the Word Report:

    NameDuel (Rate words by crucial vote)

    SocialVote (Let others rate the words)

    Self-rating (simple star rating from 1 to 5 stars)


  • Overall evaluation: And now it gets exciting! NameRobot calculates an overall rating from all check results and ratings and indicates whether the name appears to be suitable or less suitable. The individual scores are weighted differently. If, for instance, several identical trademarks already exist, this has a significantly more negative impact on the rating than when the name already appears in an app store.

How are the results to be assessed?

If your name receives an overall negative rating, you should see precisely what has led to this and the individual scores. Simply look at the results with the red smileys.

If a name is rated as fair, this is not so tragic either, because the individual ratings are not important to you or there are a few negative aspects that are relevant. Simply look at the individual points once again and decide whether the name still appears promising to you or whether you will discard it.

If the name is rated positively, then the most important tests and assessments turned out positively and the name appears principally promising.

Word Report - what it looks like

All the information, facts, test results, and assessments for each name are documented for you here.


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