Wordshop - find business name ideas

NameRobot's Wordshop will help you find ideas for your company name with different inspirational tools which will fill your Word Depot with new and relevant keywords. The Wordshop is where you lay the foundation for the keywords which are available in the Name Factory later on and can be used to find unique and catchy ideas for your business name.

Inspirational tools vs. creative block

When searching for a company name or product name, the first hurdle is to overcome the fear of the blank page which paralyzes your creativity. You may have found some keywords with the Word Import tool, but at this stage, many name finders lack further inspiration.

With various inspirational tools from the Wordshop, you can find business name ideas in no time based on existing keywords. Once you've started, you will notice that you can pour out more keyword ideas than ever.

Find input ideas for name generators

The keywords found with the Wordshop tools can later be used in the Name Factory to create unique names for your business, product or project. The more inspiration you gather now, the better the results of the name generators will be in the next step.

The tools in the Wordshop will not only help you find new words for your Word Depot but also may give you first concrete ideas for business names. Maybe you will stumble across some unexpected jewels which are more than just inspiration but fully-formed company names which you could use. If this is the case, then be sure to save them as favorites in My Names straight away.

Inspiration tools for texts

Of course you can also use the Wordshop's inspiration tools for other purposes. If you regularly write texts, need to find a rhyme or simply want find out what your name means, NameRobot's inspiration tools provide you with ideas and the right answers.

The Wordshop offers these tools to find business name ideas:


Which words are there that actually contain my relevant keywords? The "Patchword" tool answers this question. It is helpful for those who are looking for puns or just need some clever inspiration. You will get particularly good results with short input words.

Patchword - Find words containing other words

Which words are there that actually contain my relevant keywords? The Patchword tool answers this question. It is helpful for those who are looking for puns or just need some clever inspiration. You will get particularly good results with short input words.

Collect inspiration for clever names and puns

The Patchword tool finds words which contain your keywords. It allows you to come up with inspiration for puns and clever names.

The Patchword tool allows for different search types. You can search for words that contain your keyword at the beginning, at the end, or at any position in the word. If you enter cat, for example, you will receive results such as location, catalogue and snowcat.

Examples for using Patchword

What can you use the results from the Patchword tool for? Here is an example:

Suppose your project is about books. Thus, book would be a central keyword would book for your project.

Approach 1:

  • Simply add the keyword book to the Patchword tool and find all words which contain you keyword, such as notebook or bookmark.
  • Based on these results, you might consider whether you can transform any of these into a name. How about Notes & Books? Or take a component of a result, e.g. mark, and change it. You could attach new suffixes to it by usig the Supplementer, for example, resulting in names such as Markly, Markero, Markista,...

Approach 2 (advanced):

  • Enter only one part of your keyword book, namely ook.
  • Find exciting words such as look or Brooklyn
  • Now tackle the creation of a rhyme or pun, e.g. BookLook or a witty invention such as Booklyn. Wouldn't that be a charming name for a book store or a literature website?

Either go to the convenient NameRobot Toolbox and call up the Word Pieces tool there, or test the word pieces tool here.

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Take a whole new look at your project with the brainstorming tool. Find thematic links and associations that you would never have come up with on your own. It's useful to discover original ideas and topics not only for finding names, but also for fleshing out your project in general. You will be surprised by how much there is to explore.

Brainstorming tool - idea generator for names

Find new ideas with our brainstorming tool - quick and easy with the click of a button. With just a few input words, you will generate lots of new words related to your topic and enjoy instant inspiration for your naming project.

Ideas at your fingertips with sophisticated brainstorming tool

NameRobot's brainstorming tool is an idea generator which helps you get started and lets you find inspiration for your name.

Feed the tool with words, and it spits out ideas related to your topic. You will find lots of ideas for your name with one click - you just have to decide which ones you like.

Brainstorming tool lets you find different ideas

The ideas generated by the brainstorming tool will be words and associations which are subordinates or superordinates of your input word, or have the same meaning. They may also be semantically related in a more distant way. Just as in a "real" brainstorming session, all ideas which come up are somehow linked to your keyword.

For example, for the word garden, the brainstorming tool will find ideas such as:

  • lawn mower
  • flower
  • insect
  • green
  • monks (because monks dedicated themselves to horticulture in early times)
  • Solomon (because King Solomon owned famous gardens)

These suggestions may also serve as fuel for your own imagination. The brainstorming idea generator not only finds obvious related words, but also provides results a human being might find only after further research.

Sophisticated idea generator - a real time saver!

With the brainstorming tool you can save hours of "real" brainstorming sessions with just a few clicks of a button. The tool provides you with ideas and words just like a normal creative session - only that it is much faster and so simple!

The advantages are obvious: you can find ideas more quickly and do brainstorming sessions without the help of colleagues, friends or acquaintances. The tool kind of thinks on its own and generates unexpected ideas that you might not have come up with yourself.

So let your imagination run wild!

Test the Brainstorming tool now - for free!

Give NameRobot's Brainstorming tool a try and test it for free. You can perform up to five checks with the tool to see how it works.

Either go to the comfortable NameRobot Toolbox and call up the brainstorming tool there or test the brainstorming tool here.

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First Names

Make it personal! As inspiration for you project, you can use your own name - or that of your children, friends or role models. The first names tool helps you decide whether the meaning of the name fits. It also allows you to tell a beautiful and heartfelt story about finding your name.

First Names tool – Discover the meaning of given names

NameRobot offers access to a database with over 6,000 first names, other kinds of names, and offers their meanings and origins. But how can that help you find a name?

Example 1: You start a company with garden products, and so you enter flower into the first names tool and all names with flower as part of the meaning will be displayed. And maybe you will find a good idea for your company name in the results...?

Example 2: A woman named Susan wants to open her own business. She enters her own first name in the first names tool and discovers that her name sounds exotic and exciting in a different language: she names her company "Shoshana" – which is the Hebrew version of her name.

You can also carry out name searches based on themes: i.e. names from the Old Testament, job titles, Greek mythology...

Either go to the comfortable NameRobot Toolbox and call up the first name tool there or test the first names database here.

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Suave or exotic? Use familiar or mysterious terms from different languages to give your name international flair. Evoke associations of a carefree life on a tropical island or of the business bustle in the heart of Manhattan with international name ideas.

Language Tool - translate words in many languages


Gather inspiration from foreign languages ​​and cultures! The Languages tool can find translations for your keywords in up to 91 languages with a single click. Try out which of your ideas sound especially original or beautiful in another language. Who knows - maybe you'll find an unexpected, inspiring word, or even a first name idea?

Be inspired by foreign languages


The Languages tool will quickly expand your Word Depot with numerous foreign terms that fit your project's topic. You will find original translations for your keywords in familiar languages ​​such as Spanish, Italian or French.


If you like a more exotic approach: No Problem! Translations to uncommon languages ​​such as Finnish, Latin and Esperanto are also available. Our insider tip: Swahili words sound original, beautiful and often evoke positive associations. In addition, having an exotic name is always good when one's product or company name is to be explained in a brochure or on the website.

The following languages are available:

English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Catalan, Danish, Icelandic, Welsh, Turkish, Indonesian, Swahili, Malay, Latin, Esperanto, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cebuano, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Galician, Georgian, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Igbo, Irish, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Lativan, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Nyanya, Persian, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Chinese (Simplified), Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Sotho, Sundanese, Tagalog, Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Chinese (Traditional), Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu

Sample Translations

The following inspiring translations are examples for results from the translation tool, which you can find with just one click for each word:


  • Energy: Ynni ​​(Welsh), Nishati (Swahili), Lakas (Filipino), Tenaga (Malay), Navitas (Latin)
  • Fun: Kul (Swedish), Furaha (Swahili), Saya (Filipino), Plezier (French), Spaß (German)
  • Success: Menestys (Finnish), Kejayaan (Malay), Éxito (Spanish), Mafanikio (Swahili)
  • Noble: Jalo (Finnish), Mulia (Malay), Marangal (Filipino), Asil (Turkish), Edel (German)

Test the translation tool now!

You can test the translation tool right here on the page and perform up to five queries.

Either go to the comfortable NameRobot Toolbox and call up the language tool there or test the Multi Language Translator Tool here.

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Use rhymes as a stylistic device. Rhymes are as simple as they are ingenious, because they make your name memorable. Particularly clever: rhyming words which sound the same but are spelled differently. Find a rhyme in no time.

Rhymes - Find words with similar sound structure

The rhyme machine searches for words that – as the name implies – rhyme with the keyword entered. This function can be very helpful when you are looking for a new name and is also useful for slogans.

Let's take an example: game rhymes with flame and so the company name Gameflame is born! Or, to take a slogan we've all heard as an example: That's the name of the game! It means nothing more than "that's what it's all about", but the simple name - game rhyme makes this somehow more memorable and, most importantly, more fun.

The NameRobot tool will not only search for identical word endings, but also knows how to find the same or similar sounds, regardless of spelling differences.

Six different types of rhymes

The Rhymes tool generates six different rhyme types which you can select in the extras. By default, only clean rhymes are chosen. It makes the Rhymes tool easy to use and yields only "proper" rhymes as results. You can select the following additional rhyme types in the Extras for less obvious results:

  • Last syllable: Finds words whose final syllable is the same as the search word, eg interesting webcasting, roasting, harvesting
  • First syllable: Finds words whose first syllable is the same as the search term, eg wail, wailing, wayless, whale
  • Alliteration: Finds words which have identical initials, eg  ale, age, aide, eight - One of the most simple and effective stylistic devices in marketing!
  • Pararhyme: Finds words in which the consonants are identical to the search word's consonants, eg summer, simmer, summa, semi, seamy
  • Assonance: Finds words in which the vowels are identical to the search word's vowels, eg winter, mincer, mixer, cinder, liquour

Completely new rhyme algorithm

The logic behind the Rhymes tool operates on a pronunciation database. Because obviously, you cannot deduct from the spelling alone whether two words sound the same or not.

You want some examples?

  • Banana and Montana rhyme. - That's obvious!
  • Through and blue also rhyme, even though they do not share the same last letters.
  • It gets even better. Just take a look at: though, tough, cough, plough, through, and lough: they all end with the same letters, but are each prnounced differently and do not rhyme

Fortunately, the rhyming tool can handle these irregularities, thanks to its phonetic database!

We hope you enjoy our Rhymes tool thoroughly ( ;-) ) and hope you will find many unexpected and original rhymes and word ideas.

Either go to the comfortable NameRobot Toolbox and call up the rhyme tool there or test the rhymes generator tool here.

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Shaken, not stirred! Treat yourself to something special with an anagram name. Jiggled words are hard to find and usually not visible at first glance. They're a mysterious delight for language enthusiasts. Anagrams make your name a bit exotic and fun.

Anagrams - Shake letters and find new words

The anagram machine forms new words from the letters of existing keywords and, as this example shows, this can give your name search an unexpected – and very helpful – twist.

Mark wants to open his own café. He enters the words Mark and Café, and the generator comes up with the anagrams “Cake Farm” or “Mac Freak” – both consisting of the same letters as Mark and Café. Within a few seconds, the first name ideas for the café have been found!

The anagram tool will not always help you find the right name, but its fun factor is extremely high. Be careful, though – anagrams can be addictive as a man's rag...

Either go to the comfortable NameRobot Toolbox and call up the anagram tool there or test the anagram generator here.

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So you've only come up with a handful of terms for your project? No problem! With the synonyms tool, you will quickly find dozens of related words that fit your project. Collect a stock of individual keywords with the click of a button.

Synonyms - Find words with similar meaning

Synonyms are words which share the same meaning: e.g. lift or elevator, cheap or budget. They are often interchangeable in variouscontexts. When looking for ways to name your business or product, a systematic search for synonyms is often very helpful.

Gather inspiration for names with synonyms

Conduct a systematic search for synonyms and you will be surprised by how many interesting terms you will find. And since synonyms all stem from the keywords you started with, they are all related to your project. You will discover interesting concepts for your name which you won't have expected.

You do not need to browse boring dictionaries to find synonyms, though: With the Synonyms tool from the Wordshop, you find many related terms for your keyword which have the same or a similar meaning.

The Synonyms tool is especially useful if you want to base your name on your product's or service's characteristics. If you find interesting synonyms that are relevant to your project, just add them to your Word Depot.

Examples of synonyms found with the tool

The following inspiring results can be found with the synonyms tool with a single click for each word:

  • energy: force, drive, liveliness,vigor, strength, vitality
  • fun: humour, activity, play, merriment, amusing, wit, diversion, playfulness
  • business: commerce, air, objective, occupation, job, mercantilism, patronage
  • noble: honourable, regal, manarchal, queenly, gentle, greathearted, dinigying, artistocratic, kinglike, purple

Test the Synonyms generator now!

You can test the Synonyms tool right here on the page and perform up to five queries.

Either go to the comfortable NameRobot Toolbox and call up the synonyms tool there or test the synonyms tool here.

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