NameRobot naming conventions

Are tools and name generators the same thing?

Yes, the terms "tool" and "name generator" are used synonymously. We use them equally as generic terms for our language machines.

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Word Import - not all words imported

In Word Import, why are not all words entered transferred to the Word Depot?

In order to enhance the results of the Word Import, we implemented an intelligent filter which sorts out certain function words automatically. Most words that are useless for the naming process are not imported to the Word Depot.

Ideally, after successful import, the Word Despository is filled mainly with nouns, adjectives and full verbs. "Smaller" words such as articles and auxiliary verbs are rejected.

This means that words like "is" and "a" are ignored, whereas words like "clever", "idea", "good", "start", etc. will be added to the Word Depot.

Word import filters out certain words

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Domain availability

Is a domain always available when it is displayed as available in the Domain Check?

NameRobot's Domain Check is very reliable: In 99% of the cases, a domain that is listed as available is so indeed.

However, sometimes it is possible that the Domain Check displays domains as available even though they are not.

This can be the case, e.g. if a domain is still blocked after deletion. Other domains are not available to register at all and are therefore listed as unregistered domains.

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No rights for tool

If I try using a tool from the Name Factory, I receive a prompt to upgrade my NameRobot membership. What's going on there?

You used a tool from NameRobot's Name Factory a couple of times and achieved good results with it. But now, NameRobot suddenly prompts you to upgrade your membership. What's going on there?

Upgrade your membership to gain access to all tools

NameRobot has different types of memberships which allow you to access a different range of name generators. The free basic membership gives you access to Word Import and to all inspiration tools from the Wordshop, so you can thoroughly test NameRobot.

Additionally, you get a few tries with the more sophisticated tools from the Name Factory, so you can get an insight into the more elaborate name generators. So you know what to expect if you decide for a fee-based membership.

If you need access to the more sophisticated name generators from the Name Factory and beyond, you will need a fee-based premium membership. We cater to all budgets and you are sure to find a membership which suits your needs. Just go to our pricing list to get a summary of our premium memberships.

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Words not deleted in tools

Why do some words remain in a tool, even though I've deleted them from the Word Depot?

Words in the Word Depot are treated separately from words which are added to a tool. This means you can experiment with words in a tool without the need to add them to your Word Depot.

As soon as you delete the word in the current tool, it will be completely gone.

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Deletion confirmation for words

If I want to delete a word from the Word Depot, I always get asked "Are you sure you want to delete the following word(s)?". Is that really necessary?

Yes, if you want to delete a word from the Word Depot, you always have to confirm it. Otherwise, a word could be deleted accidentaly and the idea might be gone forever.

The anger over a lost idea would be much greater than the discomfort that arises from a confirmation request. That's why we chose to always ask for your confirmation when you delete a word from the Word Depot.

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Finding the name generators

Where do I find NameRobot's tools / name generators on the website?

If you are completely new to NameRobot, of course you immediately want to try and test the name generators.

To gain access to NameRobot's tools, you must register on our website first. Don't worry, it's free if you choose the "Free" membership.

After verifying your account, you can log in to NameRobot. Once you are logged in, just click on the red "Go to naming tools" button and start finding your name.

Go to NameRobot tools

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Why are some keywords shortened or changed in the tools?

Why are some keywords shortened or changed in the tools?

In some tools, long keywords are shortened or changed while being processed in the name generator. This is a default setting which ensures good quality of the results.

For example, "wonderful" is shortened to "wonder" in the Combinator to yield results like "Wondernet" instead of "Wonderfulnet". This alteration makes the resulting names more handy.

Combinator help

Of course, you can disable this default option in the extras if you like to, to get full control of the words used. There are also more interesting configuration options in each tool, which lead to various types of name ideas.

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Shopping cart when entering tools

Upon entering the tools, a shopping cart window appears. How can I prevent this from happening?

If you placed a product into your shopping cart without completing your order in a previous session, the cart will open again when you enter the tools. This allows yout to easily proceed with the order. Once you have completed the order, the window won't appear again.

Shopping cart window

If you do not wish to complete your order, simply empty the cart by deleting all items by clicking on the red cross. From now on the shopping cart window will not appear again.

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Finding the Word Report

How can I find the results of the name checks?

You can view the check results from the Control Center as well as your name reviews when you double-click each name in the Word Depot. This will open the "Word Report" with all the results and information about the name.

By clicking on "Print Version" you export the document as a PDF. Depending on the settings in your browser, the PDF is then either automatically opened or saved on your PC, otherwise you will be asked what should be done.

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How do I find a name quickly

How do I find a name as quickly as possible?

Finding a name is an important step and you should take your time to make the right decision.

However, if you are looking for some quick name ideas, there are some short-cut NameRobot settings which you can try:

  • No input keywords: Fantasizer tool from the Name Factory with "Extras" set to "universal" or "general". Just click on "Find"/"More" until you find a name that you like, e.g. Capia, Vexao, Dioqua...
  • One input keyword: Supplementer tool from the Name Factory, with "Extras" set to "Fantasy" or "English" for suffixes. You just need to add one keyword to the tool which you'd like to appear in your name, and it will be transformed into different name ideas, e.g. web --> Webixx, Webaro, Webfriends ...
  • Several input keywords: Merger tool from the Name Factory with "Extras" set to "Twin finder" (1 or 2 identical letters). You probably need to add 5 or more keywords to the tool to get decent results here. Generates names like e.g. start + artist = Startist
  • Tip: Try our quick tools "Basic names", "Mix names", or "Fancy names": Here you can use your own keywords or just click "Find" directly. Couldn't be faster.
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