Here you can find information on NameRobot's products: memberships, prices, and further offers. Find the NameRobot access to suit your naming needs here!

  • Other offers

    angebote_140 Upon request we can provide you with multiple accounts, development of individual solutions, application programming interfaces to existing NameRobot tools and other offers. Contact us; together we'll find a solution for you.
  • Trademark registration

    blog_140 File and protect your trademark - with our specialized partners in intellectual property law. Order your trademark filing online and protect your brand now.
  • Naming Service

    expert_service_140 Fill out our questionnaire and receive original and unique name suggestions: your new business or product waiting. You still need a complling name? Then make use of the FlyingNames Naming Service!
  • Pricing

    zugaenge_140 NameRobot offers different plans: From no-cost free and temporary access all the way to professional plans. Just choose what suits your situation and your wallet best.