Patchword - Find words containing other words

Which words are there that actually contain my relevant keywords? The Patchword tool answers this question. It is helpful for those who are looking for puns or just need some clever inspiration. You will get particularly good results with short input words.

Collect inspiration for clever names and puns

The Patchword tool finds words which contain your keywords. It allows you to come up with inspiration for puns and clever names.

The Patchword tool allows for different search types. You can search for words that contain your keyword at the beginning, at the end, or at any position in the word. If you enter cat, for example, you will receive results such as location, catalogue and snowcat.

Examples for using Patchword

What can you use the results from the Patchword tool for? Here is an example:

Suppose your project is about books. Thus, book would be a central keyword would book for your project.

Approach 1:

  • Simply add the keyword book to the Patchword tool and find all words which contain you keyword, such as notebook or bookmark.
  • Based on these results, you might consider whether you can transform any of these into a name. How about Notes & Books? Or take a component of a result, e.g. mark, and change it. You could attach new suffixes to it by usig the Supplementer, for example, resulting in names such as Markly, Markero, Markista,...

Approach 2 (advanced):

  • Enter only one part of your keyword book, namely ook.
  • Find exciting words such as look or Brooklyn
  • Now tackle the creation of a rhyme or pun, e.g. BookLook or a witty invention such as Booklyn. Wouldn't that be a charming name for a book store or a literature website?

Test the Patchword tool now!

You can test the Patchword tool right here on the page and perform up to five queries.

This is a highly simplified test version. To use this tool with full features and settings, please register with NameRobot.

Patchword tool - what it looks like

In the Patchword tool, you enter a single word (or part word) and find other words which contain it.

Company name ideas – hidden words

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