Project administration

The project administration function offers NameRobot premium users the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously - an ideal support for any professional name finder.

Group listing in project administrationProject administration can be found at the top menu bar after logging in to the tools. It allows you to create and manage several different naming projects, with the number depending on the type of your NameRobot membership. Each project has its own Word Depot and its own word groups.

In the project administration screen, you can set the language of your naming projects to determine which language rules are used as default in the tools (although you can always change them in the extras later). Moreover, your project language is the default language for new words which are spelled the same in several languages ​​(e.g. English "mist" and German "Mist").

To back up your projects, you can export them and import them back if necessary. Using the History function, you can restore your projects to a previous state - i.e., if you accidentally deleted important keywords or groups.

Project administration also offers a list of all words and groups in the project for your convenience.

NameRobot project administration