Comfortable tools for finding a professional business name

In addition to NameRobot's name generators and language tools, our online business naming platform offers many practical functions to help you with your name development. Find out more about how NameRoot makes the naming process for your business name or brand name as smooth as possible. name development made easy!


Word Depot

Collect all keywords related to your naming project concisely in one place - the Word Depot. It allows you to access your ideas from anywhere and prevents you from forgetting any important aspects. Sharing all information on the project with colleagues or employees is also easy with the Word Depot.

Name Search Checklist

With NameRobot‘s interactive checklist, you have at a glance everything you need to do to find a name, and you can check off tasks as you finish them. Not only does the checklist help with structuring and organizing the process, but it also gives you lots of tips to help you with your name search.

Word Report

The word report shows you at a glance all information regarding a name, e.g. through which tool this name was generated. In addition, you will see how the name has been rated in the different checks and whether it appears appropriate.
Control Center Project administration

Project administration

You work on multiple naming projects simultaneously? Then you can manage them separately in with the project administration. It helps professional name finders who handle large amounts of data or develop multiple names at the same time. Agencies and other service providers profit from always having all data for their client's projects at hand.