Forgot login data

I forgot my login data. What do I do now?

You log into your NameRobot account with you e-mail address and your chosen password.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one. Go to the NameRobot website and click on "Forgot password?". You are prompted you to enter your e-mail address. 

Request new password

Click on the button "Send me a new password" beneath to reset your password. You will receive an e-mail with a new automatically generated password. If you do not receive an e-mail, take a look at your spam folder.

Please change the new password when you log in next time.

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Stored words and change of membership

Will my stored words and my names still be there after I change my NameRobot membership (e.g. if my subscription expires)?

Yes, the words stored in your Word Depot and in "My Names" will always be available to you. This is also the case if a premium membership expires and you change from a fee-based subscription to a free basic account.

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No activation mail received

Why didn't I receive an e-mail with an activation link?

If you haven't received an activation e-mail, please check if it accidentally ended up in your spam folder. If you cannot find the e-mail anywhere, you can request another activation link. To get a new activation link, please proceed as follows:

Go to the NameRobot website and attempt to login in the navigation menu on the upper right with the data you entered when you first registered.

Login with account data

If you haven't activated your account yet, you will get a notice that you still need to activate it. Click the button that says "Send new activation link" and check your e-mail inbox again after a short time. You should find the activation e-mail there.

Request new activation link

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Delete account

How can I delete my NameRobot account?

Caution! If you delete your NameRobot account, all data stored in your account is permanently deleted! Your projects, your words in the Word Depot, your names and your personal data cannot be restored. If you only want to cancel your monthly subscription but not delete your NameRobot account, you can find out how to do this here.

If you want to delete your NameRobot account, you have to log in on the NameRobot website first. Once logged it, click on "My NameRobot" in the navigation menu on the upper right and select "My membership".


Click the button "Delete NameRobot account".


Confirm your deletion request in the popup to receive a deactivation link for your account via e-mail.

Confirm deletion request

You will receive an e-mail to the address you registered with. To finish, click the link provided in the e-mail to permanently delete your NameRobot account.

If you do not receive an e-mail, take a look at your spam folder. Maybe it ended up there.

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What is the advantage of a premium membership

What are the advantages of a premium membership with NameRobot?

You can use NameRobot as a free trial version or with a paid premium membership.

With the free plan you have unlimited access to the inspirational tools of the Wordshop.

Premium memberships offer more features than the free membership. They grant acces to:

  • intelligent name generators of the Name Factory which generate original names,
  • useful checking tools of the Control Center which check the availability of your name ideas,
  • other functionalities such as project administartion for multiple naming projects, more or unlimited queries for each name generator, etc.

You can learn more about the advantages of our premium memberships on our pricing page.

By the way: With you can really save with our premium subscriptions.

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Why am I always being logged out?

Why am I always being logged out of my account?

Only one user can log into Namerobot at a time with his or her access information. As soon as some else, a colleague or a friend for example, logs in with the same access information, the first user is logged out automatically. The same thing happens when you log in using two different browsers at the same time.

The reason for this is that there would be problems with saving usernames and passwords if multiple users work with one account at the same time.

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