"If you were a cocktail, what would your name be?" This sounds like a pseudo-psychological pick-up line in a trendy disco. If you want a proper answer to this question, but want to abstain from sleazy nightclubs, NameRobot's new fun portal will help you. NameRobot's fun name generators will answer the all-important question: "What's your true name?"

What's your true name? New fun name generators
We know that searching for and finding business names is a demanding job which requires concentration and a lot of creativity. To create great names, your mind has to allow its imagination to run wild. That's why it's  important to just lie back and let your spirit flow from time to time. A great opportunity to do this is by taking a few minutes to look at NameRobot's new nickname portal.

The portal allows you to "find your true name". Simply enter a few facts about yourself, and find out the witty (and sometimes absurd!) names that are hidden within you. What would your name be if you were, for example, a cat? A pirate? Or a character from a famous science fiction series? The fun generators will tell you!

So, if you need a break from the serious world of business names, just take a look at "Find your true name" and let us put a smile on your face. ;)

Click here to go to the fun name generators.

What's your true name? New fun name generators

By the way: if I were a cocktail, I'd be called "Best Man's Liver". I rather prefer the name of my metal band, though: "Frantic Realm". ;)

What's your true name?

Further News:
  1. 04/14/14 – 22:00: 3 new name generators: Basic Names, Mixed Names and Fancy Names
  2. 04/02/14 – 22:00: New tool: Patchword - find words in words
  3. 03/19/14 – 10:20: What's your true name? New fun name generators
  4. 03/17/14 – 14:27: Possible downtime on 19. and 20.3.2014
  5. 02/14/14 – 09:56: New Service: trademark registration for your name

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