A guide for your business naming process

Finding a name can be overwhelming. NameRobot's new entry window guides you through the naming process in our online business naming software and helps you decide where you are in your naming journey.

Deciding on the right area within NameRobot's tools is now easier than before: With the new entry window, any name finder can now easily start using NameRobot - whether beginner or professional name enthusiast.

NameRobot's name-finding tools are divided into 5 sections which represent the five steps of naming:

  • Initial collection of topics (Word Import)
  • Find inspiration and Ideas (Wordshop)
  • Generate unique names (Name Factory)
  • Check name for availability (Control Center)
  • Compare and evaluate names (My Names)

Most users start their search for a name with the Word Import and then proceed step by step through the naming journey. But others have already collected lots of ideas and want to jump straight into creating names. And maybe you already have a handful of name suggestions to choose from, and only need to check them for availability. 

New entry to NameRobot tools

Since each user uses Name Robot's tools at a different point in the naming process, the tools now offer a simplified entry window which facilitates orientation. The circle provides you with an overview of NameRobot's five areas. By clicking on the corresponding section, the user is directed where he needs to go.

By the way: the internal navigation of the tools has not changed, so experienced NameRobot users won't need to get adjusted to a new structure. We hope you enjoy finding your perfect name!

Further News:
  1. 03/17/14 – 14:27: Possible downtime on 19. and 20.3.2014
  2. 02/14/14 – 09:56: New Service: trademark registration for your name
  3. 02/06/14 – 14:52: New business naming process guide
  4. 01/18/14 – 23:00: Get your custom-made name now
  5. 12/31/13 – 23:00: Happy new year - have a good start!

Naming services

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