With the current NameRobot update, we improved the performance of our naming tools by up to 50% and upgraded quite a few things behind the curtain. This makes naming with our name generators even more simple, quick, and elegant than before.

Performance improvement of up to 50%

NameRobot-UpdateNameRobot now runs on PHP 7 which means an improved performance of up to 50%.

Thanks to over 10.000 changes in the code compared to PHP 5, and a focus on performance optimization, our name generators profit from the update to the current version of the script language by taking less time to calculate creative name ideas for you.

Naming tool improvements

Besides a new PHP version, we also did a lot of work behind the curtains. Not only did we take care of the usual small bugfixes that come with a big project like NameRobot, we also took the time to integrate a new syllabification tool.

Many of NameRobot's tools make use of syllabification in some of their settings, e.g. the Acronyms tool or the Merger. Without it, they would not be able to create melodic and beautiful names at the push of a button. With the optimized syllabification tool, they now have become even better at their jobs than before.

We also implemented some usability tweaks: For example, the settings in the Domain Check and Trademark Check tools are now saved in the user profile. Upon refreshing the tools page, they will stay exactly the way you configured them.

Image source:
Jungwoo Hong - stocksnap.io

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