Marketing professionals, advertisers, creative workers, artists and language enthusiasts, listen up: NameRobot offers new smartphone apps as inspiration tools for finding ideas at your fingertips..

It has been on our wishlists for a while, and now it's finally here: NameRobot releases a series of different apps to Apple's App Store as well as Google's Play Store. Those of you who are familiar with NameRobot's features know that there are a lot of interesting word generators and language tools hidden beneath the surface.

We chose a few of these features and released them as independent apps. All apps deal with words in one way or another – finding, creating or checking new words, ideas and names. On top of that, all apps offer features unique to NameRobot that you won't find anywhere else.

The following are our new language apps available for download in the Google Play Store as well as in Apple's App Store for now:

a! Rhymes

★ Find words with the same or similar sound. ★

a! Rhymes provides you with clever rhyme words – without any headaches!

a! Rhymes App

a! Brainstorm

★ Find ideas at your fingertips. ★

a! Brainstorm provides you with inspiration and unsuspected connections between words.

a! Brainstorm App

a! Fantasiy Names

★ Let your imagination run free! ★

a! Fantasy Names provides you with creative names for role-play games, novel characters and more. Ideal for authors, role-play gamers, fantasy fans and language creators!

a! Fantasy Names App

a! Multi-Language Translator

★ Translate into several languages at once. ★

a! Multi Language Translator reveals exotic translations with just one click.

a! Multi-Language Translator App

a! Swear Words Check

★ Is there a word hidden within my keyword? ★

a! Swear Words Check finds obscure words and other terms hiding inside your ideas – literally. It lets you find out quickly that a harmless “misexplication” contains raunchy “sex”.

a! Swear Words Check App

a! Words In Words

★ Is there a word hidden within my keyword? ★

a! Words in Words finds obscure words and other terms hiding inside your ideas – literally. It lets you find out quickly that a boring “location” contains a fluffy “cat”.

a! Words in Words App

a! Patchword

★ Is my keyword part of another word? ★

a! Patchword finds nested words which resemble a Russian matryoshka and lets you find out quickly that a harmless “cat” can lead to a real “catastrophe.”

a! Patchword App

a! Domain Check

★ Check if your desired domain is still free. ★

a! Domain Check shows the availability of various top-level domains for you.

a! Domain Check App

a! Trademark Search

★ Is my idea already a registered trademark? ★

a! Trademark Search helps you find out with just one click if your brand name idea is already registered as a trademark. It searches national and international databases also used by professional brand developers.

a! Trademark Search App

Enjoy NameRobot's new language tolls and inspiration apps!

Further News:
  1. 03/12/17 – 23:00: Big Supplementer update
  2. 01/16/17 – 16:45: NameRobot update: Better performance and tool improvements
  3. 12/20/16 – 23:00: NameRobot is App for it!
  4. 10/30/16 – 23:00: Huge Wordshop update: More languages and rhymes for naming inspiration
  5. 10/24/16 – 22:00: Checking name ideas: 600+ TLDs and 13 new trademark protection scopes

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