A long-awaited tool is now complete: Hidden words. It allows you to check whether a name hides other terms that have slipped under the radar. This is particularly interesting in terms of being able to identify possible swear words in different languages​​...

hidden words To our English-speaking ears, Primaculo could actually sound like quite a nice name, for example, for a soft drink.

But actually it would be better not to show the name to Italians or Spaniards, because "culo" means "bum" in both languages.

Granted, this example is of course a little broad. But there have been some product names released into the world that have negative meanings or connotations in other languages. Think of the famous Mitsubishi Pajero, its Spanish meaning should not be written here again. You see, it makes sense to check whether a name could mean something bad in another language. For this reason we have developed the Hidden Words Tool. It indicates which German and English words are hidden in a name and whether this could be offensive. It also tells us whether, if appropriate, positive words are hidden in the name.

In addition, we have built up databases, which contain not only German and English, but also Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and Dutch swear words.

The operation is simple as it is for all Control Panel tools: type the name, select "Find" and view the results. The settings allow you to select the languages ​​and the length of words to be displayed. A few clicks can save a lot so...

Go to the Hidden Words tool in the Control Center right now to test it out! If you don't have a NameRobot account yet, simply register and start looking for a name!

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