Finding a great name - as easy as picking an apple? Nothing less, we have set ourselves the goal. For many months, we have been working on our new project called Namefruits. Recently, we reported about working under the title Name Wizard in the blog. Now it was cleansed and provided with a logo and a Landing Page.

namefruitsNamefruits is a real sensation - for us and for the way that you can continue to come to great name ideas. We work meticulously on the intelligent naming that identifies which names the user likes and are best for his project. This is a monster project for our small team; but we will not be intimidated by the task and stalk us step by step to the first prototypes zoom.

We will soon go - who wants to be there?

At the exact moment when we can invite the first users to test, we don't want to be defined now. But we give every effort to soon start the beta version. Who wants to be there from the beginning and does not want to miss anything, such as the naming of the future looks and works, which can be here now.

We are pleased with many interested parties and invite all curious name finders to assist us in the tests.

Further News:
  1. 08/01/16 – 22:00: Summer promotion 2016: 20% discount on all NameRobot memberships
  2. 03/22/16 – 08:10: New FUN name generators
  3. 09/14/15 – 22:00: Clever Fruit - Naming with Magic
  4. 07/31/15 – 22:00: Summer special for name finders
  5. 02/02/15 – 23:00: Amazing new functions

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