Three tools in one: The Name Factory is updated with three new name generators. The best part: They work fully automatically without any user input. Just click on "Find" button and receive a wide variety of name ideas - from classic descriptive to exotic fantasy names.

3 new name generators: Basic Names, Mixed Names and Fancy NamesFinding a name can be so easy: The three new generators from the Name Factory, namely Basic Names, Mixed Names and Fancy Names will provide you with three types of original name ideas. The only prerequisite is that your Word Depot is filled sufficiently with relevant key words - the tools do all the hard work.

With the quick name generators, you will find names such as:

  • Basic Names: keyword-oriented names, e.g. SpiritAmigo, FunStuff, Spiritissimo or FeelDeal
  • Mixed Names: half descriptive, half invented names, e.g. Telligo, Solicity, Perfectato, Workedia or Moviva
  • Fancy Names:  smart fantasy names, e.g. Ucami, Jacovo, Drysor or Zamara

Want more? Then head over to the Name Factory and start finding your name.

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