All options to get the right name for your project
Our three unique naming solutions

The name finding service for businesses

Experienced naming pros develop first-rate naming proposals. Select your rate, complete a questionnaire, and the FlyingNames team will get to work.

The smart naming tool for business founders and startups

The intelligent name finding assistant will provide you with step-by-step guidance and help you find a great name for your business. Utterly simple and simply clever.

Name finding solutions for anyone who wants to be creative

Find your favorite name generators and specify the kind of name suggestions you want. Refine all settings to reflect your tastes precisely.

Check business names online – with NameScore

Find out whether your name idea is suitable for professional use. Simply enter your desired business or brand name into NameScore, our new name checking service for companies and startups. The online tool comprehensively checks it for usability.

Pick a winning name

Namensprüf-Tool NameScore

So you have a new business name or product name. But does your name meet the criteria for professional use

NameScore does the name check for you and provides you with a comprehensive evaluation in the NameScore report. 

So you can be sure that you have considered all important aspects when deciding on a name

The advantages of using NameScore:

Easy to use 

It couldn't be simpler: Enter your business name, sign up, and get your NameScore report. The handy dashboard features let you keep track of all your completed name checks. 

Detailed checks 

More than just brand testing: NameScore includes dozens of different checks to check your name ideas for availability, marketability and sound aesthetics. 

Fast results 

Why wait around? With the fully automated scoring system, you get your results within a few minutes. Faster than any personal consultation. 

Clear evaluation 

Your name at a glance – the NameScore Report provides you with a multi-page evaluation of your name with all the key information you need. Find out what your name is really saying! 

Experienced development team 

An eye for the essentials – the NameScore team knows what it takes to create a professional sounding name and has equipped NameScore with market-based name checks. 

Guaranteed discretion 

Your ideas are safe with us – NameScore guarantees the protection of your personal data and your name ideas.

Check your name with Namescore now and receive the concise NameReport as a concise multi-page PDF report for download!

Check name now

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