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Bug fix update january 2013

With NameRobot's latest update last Monday, we fixed several bugs and improved a few functionalities.

The following changes were made:

General bugs and features:

  • A first visit to NameRobot does not cause any devastating CSS errors on certain pages anymore.
  • Words added in the Control Center are now automatically added to "My Names".
  • A click between two words in the Control Center does not cause any errors anymore.
  • Adding or deleting words to/from "My Names" can now be done in bulk for words in the Word Depot:
    If ALL selected words are already favorites, the button de-favourizes them.
    If AT LEAST ONE of the selected words ist not a favourite, the button adds all non-favourite words to "My Names".
  • Upon restoration of words in the project settings, the list of restored words is now displayed correctly.


  • Words can now be deleted from groups and still stay in the Word Depot.
  • Group properties (name and colour) can now be changed in the project's settings.
  • Deleted groups will not be displayed in the project's settings anymore.
  • Duplicate group names are not allowed anymore. An error message appears instead.
  • Words in groups are now displayed correctly in the project's settings.
  • When switching between Wordshop, Name Factory & Co., the selected group stays active.
  • Words which are already assigned to a group can now be assigned to yet another group without being deleted from the first one.
  • Words which are already assigned to a group will not be automatically added to "My Names" if they are assigned to yet another group.
  • Adding a word to a group via the Word Depot does not automatically add it to "My Names" anymore.


  • Synonyms: The input word does not occasionally appear in the results anymore.
  • Modulizer: Adding words to "My Names" now also works for the Modulizer.
  • Social Check: Results for the Twitter check are now displayed correctly and are only shown as taken if this is really the case.
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