Name generators for companies, businesses and start-ups

Have you ever tried business name generators on the internet? You know, the ones that spit out arbitrary random words when you click on them? Well, the NameRobot generators are nothing like them at all.

NameRobot's name generators help you create catchy business and product names specifically fit to your project and allow you to check the resulting names for availability afterwards. Each name generator develops a different kind of name - ranging from fantasy names and acronyms all the way to figurative and descriptive names.

With our name generators, anyone can create a unique name for their business. Our tools lead you through the process of naming and give useful advice and inspiration.

Name generators guide you through the naming process

NameRobot's sophisticed name generators guide you through the process of creating a company name step-by-step:

  • Step 1: The Word Import - enter your first keyword ideas
  • Step 2: The Wordshop - brainstorming tools and more
  • Step 3: The Name Factory - forging your unique name, saving your favourites to 'My Names'
  • Step 4: The Control Center - confirm your name's availability and find your domain

On the following pages you will find a short presentation of NameRobot's variety of business name generators which will help you in find a catchy and unique name for your company, product or project.


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  • Word Import

    word_import_140 Not sure where to start your name search? Simply use the import tools in the Word Import. Here you can add your main keywords and take your first step in the naming process. Depending on your initial situation, there are three different starting points available.
  • Wordshop

    wordshop_140 Find inspiration for your naming project in next to no time. Have no more fear of the blank page: The Wordshop helps you fill your Word Depot with different inspiration tools. This gives you more input for the name generators later on.
  • Name Factory

    word_factory_140 Find clever and unique names in very little time. Create different types of names, without any tedious work, and create a wide range of different name ideas. No guesswork - you can find custom-made names with just a few clicks. The underlying algorithms are also used by professional naming agencies.
  • Control Center

    control_center_140 In the Control Center, check to see if your name ideas are suitable as final choices. Here you will find different tools that allow you to analyze your ideas. The tools relieve you of a lot of research work - time you can put into your project, instead.
  • My Names

    my_names_140 Keep track of your best name ideas! In "My Names" you will find your favorites that you collected and liked in earlier steps. Here you can compare them. Several assessment tools help you make a decision for your final name.
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