Intellectual property lawyers Breuer Lehmann Attorneys

After successfully finding a name, you may tick the topic of brand protection off your to-do list. This is why we teamed up with law firm Breuer Lehmann Attorneys as a strong partner for trademark applications. Benefit from the expertise of our partner to secure your name as a brand!

Breuer Lehmann Rechtsanwälte

Our partner's profile:

  • Experienced lawyers with specialization in intellectual property.
  • Over 1000 successful registrations of trademark names in Germany, Europe and worldwide.
  • Second most trademark registrations in 2012/13 in Germany, according to trade magazine World Trademark Review.
  • High success rate of over 99%: only 0.92% of all trademarks in 2012 were rejected by the department as not eligible for protection.

Secure your brand name now and take advantage of our offer for trademark protection from NameRobot and Breuer Lehmann Attorneys.