Tips for naming

In this section you will find information and helpful tips for devising names for your project

  • General information on naming: what do you have to consider?
  • How to find a suitable and original company name
  • How does NameRobot help you find a name for your company, product, etc.?
  • Further links about naming
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  • Creating a catchy company name

    Expert tips on how to create a solid and original company name. Find the perfect name for your company with with NameRobot's advice!
  • Brand name generators

    You need to generate a brand name - but you have no idea how this is done? With our brand name generators, which were developed by naming experts, this task is no problem at all. We will show you what you need to consider when developing brand names, and how NameRobot's name generators can assist you in finding the right name.
  • Fantasy names - pros and cons

    the right name There is no one perfect name for a start-up. When looking for a name, however, start-ups with international ambitions are well advised to take a closer look at made-up fantasy names with no inherent meaning. They offer advantages over descriptive names - provided they meet certain criteria.
  • Business naming checklist

    Be bold when looking for a name! An unusual name attracts attention, arouses curiosity and is easily remembered.
  • Trademark law FAQ

    Questions and answers regarding trademark law and NameRobot's Trademark Check.
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