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  • Anagrams


    Shaken, not stirred! Treat yourself to something special with an anagram name. Jiggled words are hard to find and usually not visible at first glance. They're a mysterious delight for language enthusiasts. Anagrams make your name a bit exotic and fun.

    assigned tags: Anagrams Ideas
  • Anagrams in business names


    Whether intended or not, the letters of many well known business names can be rearranged so that new meanings emerge. Boeing can be reordered to make Big One, Pringles Chips becomes Crisp Helpings, DreamWorks is Mad Workers, and Toyota's Camry changes to My Car.

  • Anagrams in business names - Part II


    Some weeks ago, we took a look at anagrams in business names. Time for a second round! We researched the best anagrams for restaurants, newspapers and transport companies online, so let's take a look at the secret messages hidden in those names!

  • Anagrams in business names - Part III


    Some weeks ago, we took a look at anagrams in business names. Time for another round! We researched the best anagrams in the entertainment, airlines and hotel industries online, so let's take a look at the secret messages hidden in those names!

  • Anagrams in business names - Part IV


    Some weeks ago, we took a look at anagrams in business names and brand names. Time for the final round! We found more interesting names with secret messages.

  • Brainstorming


    Take a whole new look at your project with the brainstorming tool. Find thematic links and associations that you would never have come up with on your own. It's useful to discover original ideas and topics not only for finding names, but also for fleshing out your project in general. You will be surprised by how much there is to explore.

  • First Names


    Make it personal! As inspiration for you project, you can use your own name - or that of your children, friends or role models. The first names tool helps you decide whether the meaning of the name fits. It also allows you to tell a beautiful and heartfelt story about finding your name.

  • Inspiration

    NameRobot's top tips on how to find inspiration for business and product names.

  • Language tools for creatives


    Not only for name finders: creatives, copywriters and language enthusiasts can also benefit from NameRobot's intelligent language tools. They provide you with ideas far beyond mere names. Fuel your imagination and get inspired with just one click of a button!

  • Languages


    Suave or exotic? Use familiar or mysterious terms from different languages to give your name international flair. Evoke associations of a carefree life on a tropical island or of the business bustle in the heart of Manhattan with international name ideas.

  • Osborn checklist for inspiration

    Out of ideas for your business name? Use the questions of the Osborn checklist to gather unconventional inspiration.

    assigned tags: Help Ideas Tips
  • Rhymes


    Use rhymes as a stylistic device. Rhymes are as simple as they are ingenious, because they make your name memorable. Particularly clever: rhyming words which sound the same but are spelled differently. Find a rhyme in no time.

    assigned tags: Ideas Rhymes
  • Synonyms


    So you've only come up with a handful of terms for your project? No problem! With the synonyms tool, you will quickly find dozens of related words that fit your project. Collect a stock of individual keywords with the click of a button.

  • Word Depot

    Collect all keywords related to your naming project concisely in one place - the Word Depot. It allows you to access your ideas from anywhere and prevents you from forgetting any important aspects. Sharing all information on the project with colleagues or employees is also easy with the Word Depot.

    assigned tags: Ideas
  • Word Import


    Not sure where to start your name search? Simply use the import tools in the Word Import. Here you can add your main keywords and take your first step in the naming process. Depending on your initial situation, there are three different starting points available.

    assigned tags: Ideas Word Import
  • Wordshop


    Find inspiration for your naming project in next to no time. Have no more fear of the blank page: The Wordshop helps you fill your Word Depot with different inspiration tools. This gives you more input for the name generators later on.

    assigned tags: Ideas