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Ice Cream Treat Names Loaded with Summertime Feelings

Vacations, summer, sunshine, and an ice cream to go with it - ice cream and summer belong together like snow and winter. For quite some time classics like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry haven’t been the only flavors in town either. Ice cream makers are becoming bolder and are trying out strange and unconventional ice cream creations. All types of ice cream bars on a stick are popular as well. Even the names of retro ice cream favorites alone can evoke summertime memories.

Crazy Flavors

An ice cream parlor in Munich called “Der Verrückte Eismacher” (literally ‘the crazy ice cream maker’) is home to some especially bizarre flavors. Alongside the traditional varieties, the shop offers ice cream flavors like beer, beef salami, and schnitzel. Hearing these strange combinations for the first time, it’s hard to imagine any of them tasting any good. However, die-hard ice cream lovers relish in the strange delicacies at Der Verrückte Eismacher. For them, the experience is all in the name.

Ice cream in a cone isn’t the only summer treat essential. Today, a beach vacation without ice cream bars and pops would be hard to imagine. Just the names of these treats alone – Calippo, Capri, or Flutschfinger (literally ‘slippery finger’) – evoke the flavors and memories of childhood and summer vacations. It is said that when Frank Epperson was 11 years old, he invented ice cream bars and pops by accident. One day, while preparing some soda from water and a powdered drink mix, he used a small wooden stick to mix it all together. Leaving the stick in his glass, he left the whole mixture out on the windowsill to cool down. After forgetting about his drink overnight, he noticed that it had become frozen. He later chose the name Popsicle for his invention, a combination of the words pop (soda) and icicle. A new summer treat was born, and soon all kinds of new frozen creations on a stick would be brought to market.


Ice Cream and Vacation Feelings

The Magnum ice cream bar was first introduced in 1989. It was originally conceived as an extension of the Nogger brand, and the goal of the new product was to broaden the ice cream bar’s appeal to older consumers. The Latin word “magnum” means large or great – a fitting name for an ice cream bar designed with adults in mind. Because Magnum was supposed to be a premium product, the ice cream was coated in real chocolate instead of a normal glaze. The crunch that comes with biting into the coating was a coincidence at first, but the signature sound has since become synonymous with the brand’s marketing campaigns.
Other retro ice cream products include Dolomiti, Split, Ed von Schleck, and Nogger. The unforgettable slogan “Nogger Dir einen” (literally  ‘Nog’ yourself one’) was on every German’s lips when it was introduced. Ice cream has always been associated with summer, the beach, and vacation. The name Dolomiti reminds one of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, with the colors white, red, and green representing the confection’s three flavors: lemon, raspberry, and woodruff. The sorbet-covered treat Capri is named after an Italian island, just like how Split gets its name from the vacation destination in Croatia. Both feature vanilla ice cream with a fruity coating. All of these are islands, place names, and ice cream varieties that salvage those vacation feelings from the daily grind.

What are some of your favorite ice cream treats? Do you have any crazy flavors to recommend?


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