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Being creative: names for DIY blogs

Sewing, crafting, knitting – craft-based hobbies have long since shed their dusty image. Indeed, they’ve actually become quite trendy, and many women earn good money by providing sewing patterns or writing blogs. Undoubtedly, they have built a large community that inspires many kindred spirits on a daily basis. A glance at their blog names shows that blog owners mostly opt for clear and straightforward names.

Do-it-yourself as a guiding principle

DIY is short for “Do it yourself.” After all, there’s no shortage of mass-produced goods to buy in the shops. However, more and more women are looking for originality over convenience; individuality instead of mass-produced conformity. In addition, crafting makes people happy, because it allows them to create something of their own and express their creativity. DIY blogs often serve as a way to balance and escape from everyday obligations – but it’s not unusual for the hobby to develop into a full-time job. The motivation behind a DIY blog is to provide a source of inspiration for others, with more and more young women running their own DIY blogs to channel their creativity and individuality, with the moto of “buy less, make more.”

DIY Blogs: the desire to create something of your own

names for do it yourself blogs

As already observed in other blog entries, the blog name always reflects its subject area. 

Do it yourself: create something of your own. That’s exactly the theme of (“something-of-your-own). “I signed up with BlogSpot and was suddenly the proud owner of my own blog. It felt like I had something I could work with! And as a woman, I had the feeling of standing on my own two feet: something of my own! I also wanted to do something meaningful, rather than just standing in front of the stove and following my husband around in my slippers.” The blog name is thus an expression of independence and a statement of emancipation.

Another blog that talks about doing it yourself in its name is (“self-made-miss”). It does what it says on the tin, if you will, as the writer blogs about home-made items, crafts, sewing, and gift wrapping. In her own words: “I wanted to share with you some of my creativity and my constant desire to try out new projects and ideas.”

Flowery names and everything for happiness

A DIY blog can also have a somewhat more playful name, such as (my-fairy-dust).  What lies behind the name? “Quite simple: fairy dust is part of the toolkit of a fairy’s craft, just like a hammer and a chisel are part of a stonemason’s standard kit, and a painter has his paintbrush.” Names for DIY blogs reflect the wealth of creativity behind the blogs: plenty are delightfully playful with names that, by themselves, reveal what the site is all about – creating something for yourself via home-made arts and crafts. “Herzallerliebst“ (“Closest-to-my-heart”) is a common expression about something that you find beautiful or adorable – and this is what the blog at is aiming for. Other blog names seem quite obvious, with straightforward names like (i-love-decorating) or (creative-fever). The topics they cover are clear and easily discerned from the blog names.

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